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Every Firm Deserves A Native Innovator.

At VirtualityHQ, we're a collective of creators working within firms to drive cutting-edge innovation from within.

VirtualityHQ is an Innovation Leadership company empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.

As a part of Cosdec Alpha Group, We help companies of all sizes with Dedicated Innovation, Virtual Technology Leadership & Staffing for Futuristic Roles. Through our Innovation Factory model, our dedicated teams of experts collaborate with you to develop tailored solutions that drive groundbreaking products, optimize existing offerings, and embark on transformative digital journeys.

With our Virtual Technology Leadership services, you gain access to seasoned executives, including CTOs, CBOs, and AI Heads, providing strategic guidance and expertise without the need for a full-time leadership position. We also specialize in Staffing for Futuristic Roles, connecting you with top talent to meet evolving workforce demands. Choose VirtualityHQ and unlock new possibilities for your business. Together, we innovate, transform, and lead to drive your success.

Meet The Leader

VirtualityHQ is not just a company; it's a catalyst for digital transformation. Together, we harness innovation and cutting-edge technologies to unlock the true potential of businesses, driving growth, and shaping a future of limitless possibilities.

Manoj Ahire | Co-Founder & CEO


Manoj brings over 18 years of technology and leadership expertise, backed by an impressive track record. With experience working with renowned brands such as JP Morgan, Bank of America, UBS, and Deutsche Bank, Manoj possesses a deep understanding of the Technology, BFSI, and Healthcare sectors. His strategic mindset and problem-solving abilities have led to the successful delivery of high-quality technology products, resulting in substantial cost savings and heightened customer satisfaction. Skilled in Agile and Waterfall models, Manoj excels in managing offshore teams, implementing automation frameworks, and fostering a culture of quality and innovation. As a trusted leader, he has mentored and developed team members while effectively collaborating with stakeholders at all levels. Under Manoj’s visionary leadership, VirtualityHQ is poised to revolutionize the industry, driving innovation and transformation for businesses worldwide.

James Lewis | Managing Director – UK


As the Managing Director – UK for VirtualityHQ, James brings a wealth of expertise and experience of over 15 years in Asset Management and a proven track record of catalyzing company growth. With his strategic mindset and extensive industry knowledge, James is dedicated to driving innovation and transformation for our clients, ensuring their success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Mark Francis

Mark Francis | Strategic Advisor – UK


Mark Francis, our distinguished Strategic Advisor – UK, is renowned for his exceptional prowess in driving SaaS software business growth. With a proven track record of scaling companies to successful exits and securing funding rounds, Mark’s leadership spans diverse roles from CEO to COO, consistently delivering sustainable growth. He’s also a trusted advisor to numerous PE and VC firms, focusing on optimizing unit economics and enhancing enterprise value across portfolio software companies. At VirtualityHQ, Mark’s strategic acumen propels our clients towards success in the dynamic business landscape.

Sameer Adtani

Sameer Adtani | Managing Director – India


With over 21 years of experience, Sameer Adtani excels in program coordination, business leadership, and PR/ER operations. He’s a Dynamic Global Chief of Staff & Group Director, known for driving digital transformation, leading teams, and coordinating events while focusing on strategic efficiency and integrated marketing strategies.

Graham Peelle

Graham Peelle | Managing Director – USA


Graham has expertise in operational turnaround, creative solutions, scaling business organizations, and leading diverse teams to new heights. His experience includes global delivery across various delivery models, challenging the status quo of work with an innovative mindset and a human-first technology approach. With Graham’s oversight, VirtualityHQ is positioned to serve the North American market.

Shalinya Garikapati

Shalinya Garikapati | VP – Customer Engagement & Staffing


Shalinya is a committed People Excellence Manager, holds a 12+ years of overall experience seeking to use substantiated Leadership and Interpersonal skills to drive cost, time, and quality measurements in any organization she works in. Trained 250+ Professionals on ServiceDesk & a skilled Mentor. A certified ITIL Professional & a Next Gen Lead Award Winner.

Shreyash Mishra

Shreyash Mishra | Global Managing Partner


Shreyash Mishra is the Managing Partner of Cosdec Alpha – A Global Consulting Group specialising in Industrial Intelligence and the parent company of VirtualityHQ. He possesses a great knack for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Business and the future of Technology. Put together, he is a fast-paced businessman leading futuristic transformation for enterprises and Group brands.

Our Offerings Tailored To You.

We’re committed to helping you innovate and grow and our various service lines allow us to do that.

Dedicated Innovation Team

Get a dedicated think tank for your organization to drive innovation from within!

Virtual Technology Leadership

Build cross-functional technology leadership virtually at a fraction of the cost.

Staffing for Futuristic Roles

Staff and build teams in your company with personnel ready to bring about the future for you.

Startup Growth & Expansion Advisory

A seamless entry and expansion of foreign organizations into the dynamic & emerging Indian market.

Backed by A Global Consulting Group

Cosdec Alpha is an Award-Winning, Global Consulting Group Specializing in Industrial Intelligence. We Lead Advanced Transformations for Organizational & Government Leaders to achieve Deeper Stakeholder Relationships & Enterprise Value Maximization through the Intelligent Industrial Web (IIW) driven by our Global Management & Technological Prowess.