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Transparency Declaration

This Transparency Declaration (“Declaration”) serves to provide clarity and transparency regarding the organizational structure and financial transactions of VirtualityHQ, a brand of Cosdec Alpha Group. Please read this Declaration carefully.


    1. Brand Affiliation:
      VirtualityHQ is a brand of Cosdec Alpha Group, a globally recognized consulting group specializing in industrial intelligence. Cosdec Alpha Group operates under the legal entity name “Cosdec Alpha Ltd,” registered in the United Kingdom.
    2. Ownership Information:
      Cosdec Alpha Group, including Cosdec Alpha Ltd, is owned by Shrex Group, a multinational conglomerate. Shrex Group operates under the legal entity name “Bernini Ventures Pvt Ltd” and is registered in India. Shreyash Mishra, as the CEO of Shrex Group, is authorized to make decisions and provide authorizations on behalf of these entities. Moreover, Mr Manoj Ahire – Co-Founder & CEO of VirtualityHQ, is authorized to make decisions and provide authorizations on behalf of VirtualityHQ.
    3. Financial Transactions:
      VirtualityHQ, being a brand of Cosdec Alpha Group, is empowered to request its clients to make payments to any global bank account linked to either Cosdec Alpha Ltd or Bernini Ventures Pvt Ltd, as deemed necessary for seamless financial transactions.
    4. Contractual Authority:
      VirtualityHQ, as an authorized brand of Cosdec Alpha Group, has the authority to enter into contracts, make payments, and fulfil compliance duties on behalf of Cosdec Alpha Ltd and Bernini Ventures Pvt Ltd.
    5. Authorization:
      This is to certify that Cosdec Alpha Ltd and all its brands are owned and managed by Bernini Ventures Pvt Ltd (CIN: U72900MH2019PTC324815). It is also significant to note that Bernini Ventures Pvt Ltd represents a group of brands and companies collectively known as the Shrex Group®. We approve of any further association of the Cosdec Alpha and VirtualityHQ name along with Bernini Ventures Private Limited and Shrex Group®. This Declaration is authorized by Shreyash Mishra, the Director of Shrex Group and Cosdec Alpha.

This Transparency Declaration is provided to ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance within the operations of VirtualityHQ. By publishing this Declaration, we aim to foster trust and transparency with our clients, partners, and stakeholders.

For any further inquiries or clarifications, please contact us using the provided contact information on our website.

Authorized by:

Shreyash Mishra
CEO, Shrex Group & Global Managing Partner, Cosdec Alpha Group